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Logistics in Catalonia | Digital

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This book offers a detailed and documented panoramic vision of Catalonia from a point of view of its logistics development. The authors explain how logistics has contributed to form the commercial and industrial structure that sustains Catalonia's economy, and the way this activity influences the production and distribution of goods tendency, as well as the mobility of people. Likewise, the authors emphasize that the increase of logistic infrastructures in Catalonia is a key element for its stability and economic development, that benefits both the Catalan territory and all of Spain. Logistics in Catalonia, with more than 200 images, is a live and documented portrait of an emerging activity, and emphasizes Catalonia's projection in the networks of international commerce, especially as a strategic point in the scope of southern Europe and the Mediterranean.

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Editorial: Marge Books
Autor/es: Carlos García Velasco, Daniel Venteo , Judith Contel
Colección: Logística
Páginas: 224
Año edición: 2006 (1)
Encuadernación: Hard cover
Interior: Color
Medidas: 24 x 30 cm.
Peso: 0,826 kg
Idioma: English
ISBN: 9788486684532

Index Preliminars (2 blanques + 2 portadelles + 2 portada) Entitats patrocinadores Index Gratefulness Presentation President of the Generalitat of Catalonia Parte I. Logistics and history in Catalonia CATALAN LOGISTICS FROM A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE From the arrival of the greeks to via Augusta Catalonia medieval splendour The economic-territorial configuration of modern Catalonia The railway revolution The role of the road network Catalan ports and the free trade zone in Barcelona The revolution in air transport Catalonia, a scenario for progress Parte II. Logistics in Catalonia TENDENCIES IN COMMERCIAL DISTRIBUTION Commercial and supply structure: the importance of local commerce Purchasing groups Logistic outsourcing in the distribution sector Urban logistics LOGISTIC NETWORKS AND WORLD COMMERCE The new geography of transportation Mediterranean opportunity Catalonia logistic platform Logistics real estate: distribution and tendencies Corridors and transportation perspectives Short sea shipping and the sea highways Logistics in the company Production relocation and logistics costs The strategy of subcontracting Logistic culture and the automotive sector Information and communications technology in the supply chain RFID and traceability The rise of the supply chain Inverse logistics Logistic operators and services An internationalized market Development and specialization: the fourth and fifth partners Logistic operators: reliability and long term contracts Logistic operators in Catalonia Logistics educational training in Catalonia Professional training in the superior cycle Parte III. Infrastructures and means of transport in Catalonia Infrastructures and territory From a demographic and territorial context Infrastructures and economic development Land intermodality in Catalonia The Mediterranean corridor The Ebre corridor The Central corridor The Transversal corridor Territory and the flow of freight cargo Passenger traffic and usage of different modes of transport New infrastructures The PEIT, a strategic plan for Spain The Catalan infrastructures and transport plan – PITC The territory model and mobility Future railway projects Future road projects Mobility in Catalonia Usage trends in modes of transport Train Bus service Commuting to and from industrial estates Car sharing and carpooling The metropolitan area of Barcelona The infrastructures Mobility, public transport versus private transport The road network Entitat Metropolitana del Transport Subway and tramcar The Línea Orbital Railway Line Logistic and industrial real estate Catalonia as leader in logistic areas Distribution of logistic and industrial real estate Barcelona’s metropolitan area Girona Tarragona Pyrenees Central zone Ponent Ebre The logistic platform network The CIM The CIM Vallès The CIM La Selva The CIM El Camp The CIM Lleida Logis Empordà Logis Bages Zones for port logistic activities ZAL of the Barcelona port The ZAL Prat Tarragona port ZAL The free trade zone of Barcelona Zona Franca Industrial Estate Zona Franca Customs Offices Zona Franca Logistic Park Industrial and service areas Barberà del Vallès Industrial Estate Constantí Industrial Estate Domenys II Industrial Estate Granollers-Montmeló Industrial Estate Vallès Technologic

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