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Shipping and Commercial Case Law

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250 leading cases of the High Courts of England and the European Court of Justice.
This book contains summaries of 250 cases related to international trade and carriage of goods by sea. Each case is presented with an abstract of the factual background and the key findings of the court. All the cases relate to disputes decided by the High Courts of England or by the European Court of Justice, the knowledge of which is a must for any practitioner in this area.
The issues referred to in the cases relate to contracts of carriage on bills of lading, waybills and charterparties, as well as to international trade instruments like sale contracts, letters of credit, performance bonds, indemnities and agency. There is also wide reference to ship arrests, limitation of liability, injunctions, choice of law, arbitration and jurisdiction. Full consideration is given to the Hague-Visby Rules, the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, the Sale of Goods Act, Incoterms and UCP for Documentary Credits.
Albert Badia is a practicing solicitor in England and Wales. He has acted as Counsel in many disputes and has been appointed as arbitrator in commercial matters.

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Autor/es: Albert Badia
Temáticas: Transporte marítimo, Comercio internacional, Derecho del transporte
Páginas: 289
Año edición: 2013 (2)
Encuadernación: Rústica
Interior: B/N
Medidas: 17 x 24 cm
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Idioma: Inglés
ISBN: 9788415340843

1. Actis Co. Ltd. v. The Sanko Steamship Co. (“The Aquacharm”) 1982, 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 7 (C.A.)
2. Adamastos Shipping Co. v.Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co. 1959, AC 133 (H.L.)
3. Aectra Refining and Marketing Inc. v. Exmar N.V. (“The New Vanguard”). 1995, 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 191 (C.A.)
4. Aegean Sea Traders Corp. v. Repsol Petroleos S.A. and Another (“The Aegean Sea”). 1998, 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 39 (Q.B.D.)
5. Aktieselskabet Reidar v. Arcos Ltd. 1927, 1 KB 352 (C.A.)
6. Alan (W.J.)  Co. Ltd. v. El Nasr Export  Import Co. 1972, QB 189 (C.A.)
7. Aldebaran Compañía Maritima S.A. v. Aussenhandel A.G. Zürich (“The Darrah”) 1977, A.C. 157 (H.L.)
8. Andre  Cie. S.A. v. Orient Shipping (Rotterdam) B.V. (“The Laconian Confidence”) 1997, 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 139 (Q.B.)
9. Apioil Ltd. v. Kuwait Petroleum Italia Spa. 1995, 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 124 (Q.B.)
10. Aramis, The. 1989, 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 213 (C.A.)
11. Ardennes, Owners Of Cargo v. Ardennes, Shipowners (“The Ardennes”) 1951, 1 KB 55 (K.B.)
12. Armar Shipping Co. Ltd. v. Caisse Algerienne d’Assurance et de Reassurance (“The Armar”) 1981, 1 WLR 207 (C.A.)
13. Athanasia Cominos, The. 1990, 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 277 (Q.B.)
14. Atkins International H.A. v. Islamic Republic Of Iran Shipping Lines (“The A.P.J. Priti”) 1987, 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 37 (C.A.)
15. Balli Trading Ltd. v. Afalona Shipping Co. Ltd. (“The Coral”) 1993, 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 1 (C.A.)
16. Banco Santander S.A. v. Banque Paribas Ltd. 2000 WLR 191098 (C.A.)
17. Bankers Trust Co. v. State Bank Of India 1991, 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 443 (C.A.)
18. Banque De L’Indochine et de Suez S.A. v. (J.H.) Rayner (Mincing Lane ) Ltd. 1983, 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 229 (C.A.)
19. Barclays Bank Ltd. v. Commissioners of Customs and Excise. 1963, 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 81 (Q.B.D.)
20. Baumwoll Manufactur, The v. Furness (Christopher) 1893, AC 8 (H.L.)
21. Bayerische Vereinsbank v. National Bank Of Pakistan. 1997, 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 59 (Q.B.)
22. Bergeco U.S.A. v. Vegoil Ltd. 1984, 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 440 (Q.B.)
23. Berkshire, The. 1974, 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 185 (Q.B.D.)
24. Blandy Brothers  Co. Lda. V. Nello Simoni Ltd. 1963, 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 393 (C.A.)
25. Borealis A.B. v. Stargas Ltd. and Others (“The Berge Sisar”). 1998, 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 475 (C.A.)
26. Borrowman, Phillips  Co. v. Free  Hollis. 1878, 4 Q.B. 500 (C.A.)
27. Boukadora Maritime Corp. v. Societe Anonyme Marocaine de l’Industrie et du Raffinage (“The Boukadora”). 1989, 1 Lloyd’s Rep. (Q.B)
28. Bowes, E. and Others v. Shand, C. and Others. 1877, 2 App.Cas. 455 (H.L.)
29. Brandt v. Liverpool, Brazil and River Plate Steamship Navigation Co. 1924, K.B., 575 (C.A.)
30. Brass v. Maitland. 1856, 6 E  B 470 (Q.B.)
31. Brown, Jenkinson  Co. Ltd. v. Percy Dalton Ltd. 1957, 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 1 (C.A.)
32. Browner International Ltd. v. Monarch Shipping Co. Ltd. (“The European Enterprise”) 1989, 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 185 (Q.B.)
33. Bunge Corporation v. Tradax S.A. 1981, 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 1 (H.L.)
34. Calcutta Co. Ltd. v. Andrew Weir  Co. 1910, 1 Kb 759 (K.B.)
35. Cie. Groupe Concorde and Others v. The Master of the vessel “Suhadiwarno Panjan” and Others. 28.09.1999, Case C-440/97 (European Court of Justice)
36. Ceval Alimentos S.A. v. Agrimpex Trading Co. Ltd. (“The Northern Progress”) 1996, 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 319 (Q.B.)
37. Cheikh Boutros Selim El-Khoury v. Ceyon Shipping Lines Ltd. (“The Dominique”) 1967, 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 224 (Q.B.D.)
38. Clea Shipping Co. v. Bulk Oil International Ltd. (“The Alaskan Trader, No.2”) 1983, 2 Lloyd’s Rep. 645 (Q.B.)
39. Coastal (Bermuda) Petroleum Ltd. v. Vtt Vulcan Petroleum S.A. (“The Marine Star”) 1993, Lloyd’s Rep. 329 (C.A.)
40. Cobelfret N.V. v. Cyclades Shipping Co. Ltd. (“The Linardos”) 1994, 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 28 (Q.B.)
41. Colonial B