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Sales and operations planning. S&OP in 14 steps

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This guide is a practical and comprehensive tool with 14 steps that will enable companies to implement a process in their management system to coordinate the sales teams with those in operations and finance managers so there is consistency across all areas of activity.
This book presents methods to make profit forecasts based on data and not hunches, so the development of the company’s strategic plans has the necessary consistency and there is understanding between the productive capacities and market scenarios.
This book provides the methodology for implementing the sales and operations planning process, S&OP, explaining the importance of each action and the advantages it entails. Following these steps, any SME can avail of the system that large companies use to optimize their production centres and distribution channels.

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Autor/es: Cristina Peña Andrés
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Año edición: 2017 (1)
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ISBN: 9788417313005

1 What is the sales and operations planning process?
2 Where is S&OP used?
3 Who leads the planning process?
4 S&OP objectives
5 How to develop S&OP
6 S&OP meetings
7 The minutes of the meetings
8 S&OP frequency
9 Macro data applied to S&OP
10 The benefits of S&OP
11 S&OP as a process
12 Identification of bottlenecks
13 General budgets
14 Forecasts and plans
Cases study